Good Earth Landscaping & Maintenance is a full-service landscape company providing beautiful, creative landscaping solutions for private homes and commercial properties in the Roaring Fork Valley. Our team of landscape professionals can help you with designing a new landscape, installation of plants and landscape features, and year-round maintenance.

At Good Earth, we offer our clients a variety of landscaping services to accommodate their lifestyle or business needs. Our team of landscape experts will work with you to create a beautiful outdoor environment that reflects the style and character of your home or office. We realize that each landscaping project has different needs and budget requirements, so we offer a personalized approach to each plan that addresses your wants and needs, as well as your budget concerns. We pay attention to details and work closely with every client to ensure a beautiful, luxury landscape and exceptional, professional services.

Our creative residential landscape designers have the training and experience to turn an ordinary landscape into a luxury landscape with stunning appeal and inviting atmosphere. We focus on custom solutions that enhance the beauty of your home and add unique outdoor ambiance to your surroundings. As skilled Aspen landscape contractors, we can design, build and install a variety of outdoor features that will expand your indoor living space and provide beautiful areas for outdoor entertaining. Whether your landscape is small or large, our landscaping team can create a unique outdoor environment that will inspire you to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

At Good Earth, we understand that every landscape has unique property conditions and every client has individual goals. We work closely with each client and pay attention to essential details in determining design and layout, plant selections, outdoor features, and budget. Our design specialists can complete a full landscape audit that helps to identify any existing problems or concerns so that we can fix them. We strive to fulfill each client's wants and needs and go beyond their expectations to ensure spectacular landscape results.

With over 25 years as professional Aspen landscape contractors, Good Earth Landscaping & Design can handle all of your landscaping needs. Whether your property is your primary home or business or property for seasonal use, we can create the outdoor environment of your dreams. Good Earth is committed to providing quality landscape care and personalized service for every landscape project.